Tomato Sauce for pasta

Tomato sauce for pasta. “I pummadoru,” “a sassa,” “i buttigghi,” “i casci di pumadoru.” So many names for our fresh tomato sauce preserves!

In Sicily it is like that!

A tradition made of flavors & aromas.

Every year in September the time comes when the whole family meets and each one with different techniques works to make the preserves that will be used throughout the year!

That tomato scent that is created when you boil it in “nta quadara” quantities is priceless!

Especially when mixed with fresh basil!

I still remember my grandmother’s warning while we kids were running around as the adults worked:

“don’t get close or get burned!”, but those were days of celebration and we enjoyed that warm atmosphere that was created!

Today we make preserves with my grandparents and it is my children who, more willing than me, wake up early to help and then end up playing in the countryside as usual!

It’s a party for them too!

But how to prepare the sauce at home?

It starts during the winter: the jars and bottles are collected, the caps are purchased and space is made in the pantry and in the cellar…

San Marzano tomatoes
Basil leaves

The day before, use hot water to wash the tomatoes and the bottles or jars that will be used to preserve the sauce.  Let it dry in the quantities you want.

Place the tomatoes in nylon nets and boil in a pot.

Let the tomatoes begin to release their vegetation water.

If necessary, stir occasionally, to allow the tomatoes to come into contact with the heat.

When they become tender, pour them into a colander and let them drain, stirring occasionally to allow all the tomatoes to throw away the vegetation water.

Pour the tomatoes on the machine or passatutto for at least 2 times, thus creating the tomato puree.

At this point the sauce will be boiled and then will be poured into the jars on which a few basil leaves will be inserted.

The jars are put upside down to create the vacuum and then in order to be used they must be stored in a cool and dry place away from light.

Of course you can use the homemade tomato sauce  simply by heating it and flavoring it with additional fresh basil and salt or in the preparation of your favorite red sauces.

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